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Night Golf Tournaments

Why Night Golf?
Night golf was developed as a fun, innovative way of furthering existing player’s game, and for a down right good ole’ time. Let’s face the facts - there are twice as many night time hours as there are day time, which makes night time golf the perfect addition to any country club or golf course. Extend the limited hours available for golf every day by replacing those night time hours with revenue generating night golf!

Night Golf Contests

Longest / Straightest Drive:
Outline the fairway with 6" glow sticks - one on each side every 25 – 30 yards. Give each player a night golf ball. The golfer with the furthest or straightest drive wins! (Make sure the beverage cart is nearby for additional FUN).

Hole-in-one / Million Dollar Shootout:
You thought the hole-in-one contests for a new car were tough during the day time. Elevate the experience to a whole new level. Hold the hole-in-one contest at night, using our wide selection of night golf supplies. Purchase hole-in-one insurance to cover the chance to win a million dollars or a new car!

Longest Putt:
Sounds easy eh? Choose the hardest green on the course, add some glow golf balls, flashing distractions, darkness and you’re set. Adhere led necklaces to the flag stick, outline the green using 12" glow sticks, and coil up a couple of glow necklaces and insert them into the cup. The person with the closest putt wins!

Night Golf Setup
Activating your night golf ball:

  1. Apply force to led golf ball by bouncing it against the cement or tapping it with your golf club.
  2. Upon impact, the ball will illuminate for 8 minutes before shutting off.
  3. If another impact is felt during the 8 minutes, the timer starts back over at 0.

LED golf balls have no disclaimer and can be used freely with any club on the market.


  1. As a safety measure, each player or person on the course should wear a glow necklace or similar device so golfers are aware of where everyone is. Remember safety first! It’s dark outside and visibility is low.

Tee box setup

  1. Insert tee box spike ball markers.

Fairway setup

  1. Place one of the ligth zone markers on each side of the fairway every 25-35 yards. Choose green for in bounds areas and red to mark hazards.

Green setup

  1. Outline the green by placing or inserting the light zone markers using your choice of color.
  2. Using a coiled up 22” glow necklace, you can drop it inside the cup and it will adhere to the sides. Alternatively, you can use a glow badge and adhere it to the side of the cup using the sticker located on the back.
  3. Attach led necklaces or 12” glow sticks to the flag pole using tape.

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