Backyard Night Golf Set
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Backyard Night Golf Set


Everything you need to light-up your backyard!

  • 2 Pitch & Putt Light-Up LED Flags
  • 24Light-up LED Markers (6 Green, 6 Red, 6 Blue, 6 White)
  • 3 Light-up LED Golf Balls

Designed for use by golf courses and putting greens. These 3′ bright Light-Up LED Flags come in 4 color options (Red, Green, Blue and White) they are portable with 3 variable light settings and an on/off switch. Batteries are included and replaceable.These are the perfect solution for lighting up your night time sports or evening events. They are 14.5″ tall, portable, bright and cost effective with an on/off switch and 3 variable light settings. Batteries are included and replaceable. This patented technology has revolutionized the golf industry. Night Sports Light-Up LED Golf Ball provides the high performance aerodynamics, control, accuracy, feel and distance you expect from a professional quality ball. Included:- 2 Pitch and Putt Flags, 24 Light up Zone Markers and 3 Light up Golf Balls

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